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Software : Betsoft
License : Belize
Bonus Amount : 100 $
Signup Bonus : 100%
Flash Play : YES
Live Dealer Games : NO
Monnaie : $ / £ / $ Online Poker - Listen Up, Forewarned Is Forearmed online poker has been around for quite some time in some shape or other well before their online days and enhanced dubious reputation at clawing money and clawing back winnings from unsuspecting Poker players alike.

If there is a grain of truth in some of the stories that fly around the forums and review pages, it's most likely there is a rather large bucketful hidden away somewhere. It's a fact that what's normally read is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to such kind of reviews.

There will be plenty of Poker players who have been badly stung by the callousness of this scruples free outfit. online poker are in the business to make money, but unfortunately the honest dependable business model used by trustworthy sites, is not part of their business strategy, to steal is.

It has to be understood, some online operations just plain out lie! How a website looks, how easy it is to navigate, having a player's favorite game, having great bonuses, having payment options that look US friendly when it comes to funds being deposited and withdrawn all count for very little if their sole object is to lift as much money off the unsuspecting player as possible. It has to be understood with a website they essentially have a licence to say anything they wish. Indeed that is exactly what online Poker have been doing for an incredible amount of time. If there is a trail of controversy, it usually is for a very good reason, and when there are many players alike sounding the very same alarm, invariably there is no smoke without fire.

If there was an award for the most scandals online Poker, would win hands down for their out and out consistent theft of customers funds. It goes beyond the poker rooms and totals tens of millions of dollars that they have stolen from customers for years. These people are crooks, rogues, and when a player is in need of advice where to put their money they also need to understand it is every bit as valuable to know where not to put it, some would say priceless. There are plenty of honest reputable online operators with safe fast withdrawals for US citizens suffice it to say this is not one.