Will Online Nevada Poker Sites Be Yet Another Success Story?

The state of Nevada currently has 340 establishments for gambling how many of these apply for online Nevada Poker sites remains to be seen as it is still early days.

Looking back at the history of gambling in the state, original regulations were pretty much disregarded and weren't really enforced. One could say that this could be likened to having a toothless guard dog, pretty much a waste of time. Things took on a more serious note when licensing laws were passed in 1881 to tackle this and other issues that were felt needed addressing.

In 1910, Gambling was completely outlawed however as the years past this was reversed, and in 1931, it was legalized due to the effects on the economy caused by the Great Depression.

In 1955 the NGCB or Nevada Gaming Control Board was created, with the sole purpose of monitoring the state's gambling. This was followed in 1959 with the founding of The Nevada Gaming Commission to issue licenses and regulate the state's gaming industry.

Online gambling and approval for online Nevada Poker Sites was authorized in 2011 by the state legislator and the NGC was instructed to create regulations for Nevada to be the first state to legalize gaming for its residents.

Whilst there are some states that have legalized gambling in specific areas be it on an Indian reservation or on riverboats like there are in Missouri, online gambling for the vast majority still awaits approval. To date there are only 3 states where legalized gambling can take place and operations set up. Nevada was the first with the issue of licenses starting in 2012 and now Nevada Poker sites are ready for residential poker players to play from home.

What economic effects are likely to be felt within the land base side of gaming operations, a business that in 2011 was responsible for 340 establishments generating over $10 billion? Well, realistically speaking, it will undoubtedly take a while for all the data to be collected. One can only guesstimate as to what the eventual outcome is likely to be as It's really too early to say. With a state population of two and three quarter million it would be a reasonable assumption to think this could be likened to a restaurant deciding to move in to the take away business, in other words generating an additional income stream. Online Nevada Poker sites will offer such an option, the number count when it is revealed in time will no doubt tell its own story.