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Party Poker

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Is There Such A Thing As Best US Poker Sites Or Is That All Past?

Finding the best US poker sites in the current legal climate throws up many challenges. It doesn't seem so long ago that everything was fine and dandy for the online poker player, PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Partypoker, were all running along nice and smoothly with virtually no serious competition. Everyone in the world of Poker was happy, the gaming companies, because the big three were making record profits, and also the U.S. players. They knew that they were playing their games with reputable companies, companies that could be trusted with their money. There were no issues in terms of how to open an account, the player didn't have to consider was his money going to be secure, and if he was going to make a withdrawal would there be any delays or hitches. No this was an era of online poker paradise. Then the bomb dropped. For casino players living in Brazil, it's often challenging to find decent poker bonuses for online games. At, you don't have to worry about searching the internet for bonus code that might not even work. This site supplies you with welcome bonuses, free cash offers, free tournament entries, and so much more. All for casino players living in Brazil!

Whilst players were looking for the best US poker sites as new companies were sprouting up, the U.S. Government in their infinite wisdom decided a clampdown was required on US players gambling with offshore gaming companies and introduced the 2006 Wire Act which essentially made it illegal for banks to move money around gaming sites where the funds originated from US based citizens. If you were looking for the best casino bonus codes and no deposit deals for money, stop doing it, because we've got you covered. Browse around here and find out the latest and most attractive bonuses that may bring you real cash prizes, out of playing your favorite casino games.

Confidence was shot as far as the US poker player was concerned and a considerable period of instability ensued, with new gaming companies springing up by the minute, requiring all kinds of regular updates to keep on the right side of the American government and it's complex State system of different laws for different folks one might be forgiven for wondering where it might all end if end it ever will.

As things stand at present there are only 3 states that have licenses to operate online casinos, those states are, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

Three states out and out prohibit the notion of offering online gaming licenses, at present anyway, these states are Florida, Utah, and Washington

Licenses are expected to be issued over the next three or four years to the nine states of California, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Iowa, and Colorado, with all remaining states other than where prohibited to follow shortly thereafter.

So meanwhile, where would the player have to look in his quest for the best US poker sites? Perhaps a good place to start with would be with .The key reason here, is that this company accept folks from all fifty of the states. They don't miss pay outs and pay on time. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and if it's preferred, they also offer withdrawals by checks taking the usual 7-10 days for receipt. Paying in and getting funds out are key! It has to be noted that they changed their name in April of 2012 from, to sidestep government intervention, but it has to be taken in to consideration that with the upcoming issuance of licenses over the next few years, they are wisely ensuring they stay one step ahead, until normal service is resumed. Who wouldn't agree, the sooner that happens, the better for everybody?